Green Chile Chapter 691
of the Experimental Aircraft Association

Education and support for general aviation


To inspire a growing and vibrant aviation community in northern New Mexico


To grow the aviation community by promoting the “Future of Aviation” thru education, experimentation, and community involvement.


• Provide useful information to our members thru our presentations, newsletters, and website.

• Encourage flying activities by organizing Flyouts to interesting venues.

• Continue the development of the Electric Dragonfly and the pursuit of electric aircraft technology.

• Conduct annual Young Eagle Workshops and Rallies.

• Introduce RC modeling and flying as part of our Young Eagle Workshops with the EAA Build and Fly project.

• Construct a flight simulator and a wind tunnel for educational purposes. 

• Grow our STEM activities into a multiphase educational program.

• Provide educational opportunities to our members and the aviation community through the EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor programs and Skills Classes.

• Host a major aviation event at least once a year.

• Establish an association with a flying club to help our members pursue their dreams of learning to fly.

• Grow our membership over the next two years by having more people in the communities around us become interested and engaged in our aviation activities and programs. 

• Begin an Aviation Scholarship program for private pilots. 

• Establish a fully functioning 501c3 organization and increase the donations that help fund our programs.

• Mentor future Board members and create an Operations Manual for the Chapter.