Green Chile Chapter 691
of the Experimental Aircraft Association

Education and support for general aviation

TAT & the Ford Tri-Motor

How many of you know about the Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT) airline?  It was established in 1928 and was the first airline in America that provided coast to coast air service, sort of.  Actually, passengers travelled from New York City to Los Angeles using a combination of both air and train transportation.  Clovis and Albuquerque, New Mexico were two of the stops along the line.  The Chief Pilot for TAT was Charles Lindbergh.  The plane was the Ford Tri-Motor, an all aluminum aircraft that carried three crew members and nine passengers in first class luxury.  Well, guess what, Chapter 691 is bringing the Ford Tri-Motor to Santa Fe, NM in September to give rides to the public.  Want to experience a moment in history?  Get a ride on the Tri-Motor.  Our Chapter is hosting the event in cooperation with the Santa Fe Jet Center.  We will be providing crew for ground operations and crew members will be eligible for a free ride.  On top of that, by hosting and helping with the event, our Chapter will receive a commission check from EAA National for a portion of the proceeds.  This will be a truly great opportunity for the general public to experience what it was like to fly a luxury airliner back in the day.  Rides for the general public will cost $95 for adults and $65 for children 17 and under.  That’s pretty reasonable for a trip back to the world of aviation in the 1920s.