Green Chile Chapter 691
of the Experimental Aircraft Association

Education and support for general aviation

Chapter 691 Electric Dragonfly Project

Our goals are:

■ Attract and introduce young people to aviation
■ Create Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities for students
■ Teach aircraft building skills
■ Build an electric experimental aircraft to race in the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race

Why An Electric Airplane?

■ Electric aircraft are the planes of the future.
■ They will be more environmentally friendly, produce less green house gases, will be quieter, and produce less environmental waste.
■ They offer propulsion efficiencies that ICE engines can’t.
■ They offer aerodynamic improvements that current aircraft can’t.
■ They will be more reliable and require less maintenance than current aircraft.
■ They will cost less to operate.

Dragonfly Project Description

Who: EAA Chapter 691
What: Building an electric experimental aircraft
Where: The Los Alamos Airport
When: Started in 2022 with a completion scheduled for 2024
Why: To get young people interested in aviation and STEM
How: Convert an existing high performance experimental aircraft to use an electric propulsion system.

The beginnings.

Electric Dragonfly Description

■ Tandem wing design
■ Canard
■ Wing
■ Gross weight-1200 lbs
■ Empty weight – 530 lbs (w/o battery)
■ 40 kw-hr battery weight – 440 lbs
■ 20 kw-hr battery weight – 220 lbs
■ Maximum speed – 200 mph at 10,000’ msl @85kw
■ Cruise speed – 150 mph@50 kw
■ Economy Cruise – 120 mph@30kw
■ Stall speed – 65 mph
■ Maximum Range – 150 miles
■ Service ceiling – 20,000 ft