Green Chile Chapter 691
of the Experimental Aircraft Association

Education and support for general aviation

Author: Marilyn Phillips

  • Recording Flights of Fancy

    By Vivek Saxena I have always naturally gravitated toward the technical side of aviation, and since my day job as a physicist involves grappling with problems of a more theoretical/mathematical nature, flight training has given me the opportunity to revisit and more deeply appreciate basic physics, engineering and aerodynamics. Between May and July of 2022,…

  • June 17, 2023 Meeting

    This Saturday, June 17, is the scheduled time for the monthly meeting of EAA Chapter 691.  We plan to meet in Los Alamos, KLAM, beginning around 9:00 for people wishing to fly in or out of the airport. People who plan to go flying or who are interested in taking a ride, are requested to…

  • Young Eagles Workshop

    0n March 11th, 2023 there was a Young Eagles Workshop at Los Alamos airport. This is a STEM activity where kids can learn about aviation, navigation, communication and building airplanes. Read the newspaper coverage here.