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Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 691 is an educational and charitable organization assisting those involved with aviation and introducing the general public to aviation related information. The chapter serves Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and the surrounding communities. We are a group of pilots, aircraft builders, and aviation enthusiasts who get together to fly and support recreational aviation in all of its forms.

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Aircraft Maintenance II: – Spark Plug Service & Diagnosis
Will Fox and Skip Egdorf
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Up, Up and Away

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

Welcome to EAA Chapter 691’s website.  We are all about getting folks interested in aviation and helping them get into the air.  We started as a small group of pilots in Los Alamos, NM, back in 1982, who were interested in building their own homebuilt aircraft.  Today we now have over 40 members in Santa Fe, Taos, and Espanola as well as in other states.  Over the past forty years, Chapter members have built more than two dozen different types of homebuilt aircraft ranging from fabric covered biplanes to sleek aluminum and composite cross country aircraft.

Education has been and continues to be an important part of Chapter 691.  We have two EAA Technical Counselors and an EAA Flight Advisor who are available to help homebuilders with the process of building and test flying an experimental amateur built aircraft. Their services are free and include helping the homebuilder to document the construction to aid in getting the aircraft airworthiness certificate.

We regularly schedule presentations on a variety of aviation related topics for our members, and we have recently started a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program to get kids interested in aviation and help them develop the skills they will need in the future.  We teach classes to help homebuilders develop the skills they will need for building aircraft.  We also sponsor activities to give kids (Young Eagles) and adults (Eagles) free rides in an airplane to experience the joy and excitement of flying.

I could go on about the great newsletter we publish once a month, and the fly-outs and fly-ins that we organize, and our Electric Dragonfly project, but I’ll let you explore the website to find out about that for yourself.